Neighbors – If you’re coming from a suburban or urban area, you may be used to living close to your neighbors. If you’re a friendly neighbor who likes staying involved; maybe borrowing the occasional cup of sugar or inviting neighbors over for a wine and game night, you may need to consider how you’ll be making friends out in the country. In some small towns your closest neighbor can be acres or even blocks away from you.

Water and Power Supply – Shockingly enough, many city slickers don’t think twice about how they get their water and power. It never occurs to them, because typically, unless you’re dealing with a storm or a freak city plumbing issue, water and power are always available in the city and suburbs. For water, it’s important to know if your property has access to municipal water or if it has its own well. If you’re buying Berkeley Real Estate with a well, you’ll need to know if it’s been tested recently by a reliable lab and be aware that your water could be contaminated with pesticides, fuel, arsenic and plenty of other undesirable, even dangerous substances. For power, it’s important to understand that in the city, you tend to be a power company’s first priority. Even hour you don’t have power in your grid; the power company is losing thousands of dollars from hundreds of homes. When you’re in the country and are much more spread out, you rank lower on their priority list. Some areas are considered more of a priority than others, so it’s important to know how long you will experience an outage and have the backup electrical equipment in case it takes hours or even days.

Commuting – Consider your commute; not only will you spend much more on gas expenses each month, but how will it wear on your vehicle? How will it affect your time with friends and family?

Emergency Services – This one is extremely important for families with older members, or for children with special needs. Do they require regular care? Are the hospitals close enough if something goes wrong? Are there local doctors and specialists available in your area for their needs? It’s important to know how long you’ll have to wait in the event of an emergency and how quickly an ambulance can get to you.

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