Being a great host takes hard work; it’s more than just letting someone crash on your couch. If it’s a friend or family member coming from out of town to specifically visit you, you’ll want to make them feel accommodated and at home. Here are a few ways to be a great host:

Comfortable Sleep Area – Maybe your guest is staying in your eight bedroom mansion, or maybe they’re sleeping on the couch, whatever you can offer them, just make it comfortable. If you don’t have a spare guest room, try to make sure the couch or sleeper sofa is in a quiet place. Sometimes they are in a communal area, which can get noisy if someone is getting ready for work early in the morning. Sometimes it’s easier to offer your guests your own room, so you can be up and in the kitchen and bathroom getting ready for the day without waking them. It’s important to consider your guests before they come over; do any of them have health issues that keep them from sleeping comfortably? Are they going to fit comfortably on your couch?

Food and drinks – Are your guests going to be out exploring the local restaurants and bars during their stay or are they trying to save money by eating at your place? Be a great host by stocking some of their favorite snacks and drinks. If you can’t afford to feed them for every meal, politely let them know that you’re willing to drive them to the grocery store and offer up your kitchen if they’d like to eat some of their meals in. Sandwiches are always great for traveling, and they can pack small bagged lunches for the day, so they can be out and about while saving some money.

Plan Excursions – Depending on your guests’ budgets, plan out a few fun things to do during their stay. Are they new to the area? Would they enjoy museums, parks and coffee shops? Or maybe they’re a sports fanatic, interested in catching a ball game or watching at a local sports bar? Whatever you plan, make sure it’s something that everyone will enjoy. Also, keep in mind while planning that your guests may be tired or jetlagged, and they may not be up for everything on your list. Try to keep a loose itinerary so your guests don’t feel exhausted by the end of each day.

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