Moving to the country can be a great experience for families old and young; housing tends to be more affordable, you never have to deal with the noisy and busy streets, and you can have a great backyard for children and pets to enjoy. While there are many perks of moving out to the country, there are a few things you should consider before buying:

Jobs – There are plenty of reasons why people move out to the country; to take care of family, for a great job offer or to accommodate a growing family. If you aren’t moving for a job, however, you may want to consider if the city or town you’re moving to will have any opportunities for you. Small towns tend to have more limited opportunities and more family-owned and operated businesses. If you haven’t begun looking for a new job, it may be beneficial to see what kinds of opportunities you have available to you. This is also very important when looking at Denver Colorado homes for sale, since you will want to find a home that you can afford at your new salary, not your current one. If you own your own small business and plan on moving to the country, you should consider how you’ll acquire new customers. Are you able to charge the same amount for your product or services? Will your company be as relevant in a small town?

Income – While the cost of living tends to be lower in small towns, but the salaries are often times much lower as well. You may be doing the same job for less pay, which can be hard on a family. Not only will you need to re-assess your monthly budget, but there may be some resentments towards your new town if you aren’t able to maintain your former lifestyle.

Accommodations – Do you enjoy taking your kids to the public pool in the summer? Or maybe you have a family tradition of hitting the major theme parks? What about dinner and a movie date nights with your spouse? You may need to find different activities when you move to a smaller town. Some small towns have only one or two shopping centers, malls and gas stations, so it’s important to plan accordingly. You may need to schedule a weekly menu for your family and cut back on your trips to the city.

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