Fall brings a host of change; new wardrobes, chilly weather and fun activities for friends and families. While it’s easy to get caught up in the decorating and event planning of the fall, it’s important to realize that with change comes new hazards to watch for.

Walkways and Driveways – Each year, the rain, heat and sometimes even flooding can take its toll on your walkways and driveways. With the weather changing rapidly, it’s important to inspect your walkways and driveways for new cracks, or lifted cement. These small issues could cause big problems for your guests or their vehicles, especially once they’re covered in ice.

Fire Escape Plans – Fall and winter are the seasons of decorations! While decorating your home for the holidays is a great tradition, these plans could affect your current fire escape plans. Do you have windows or doors blocked with Halloween or Christmas decorations? Are any of the lights themselves a fire hazard?

Gutters – Cleaning out your gutters is important for a number of reasons; fall brings leaves that can clog your gutters quickly, leading masses of water to build up, potentially damaging your siding or causing flooding. Another important reason to clean out your gutters is to keep any fire hazards away from your house. Dead leaves ignite quickly, so a broken power line or a bolt of lightning could cause you tremendous issues.

Window Screens – One of the biggest dangers in Cherry Creek homes for sale, or any homes for that matter, are a lose window screen. Not only can lose window screens present an opportunity for intruders, but lose window screens are one of the leading reasons for children falling to a serious injury or even their death. Most homeowners don’t think to check their screens, but usually your windows haven’t been opened for months, during the hot summer season. There is plenty of time for a storm or strong wind to knock your screens lose, so before enjoying that autumn breeze, make sure your windows are secure.

Fire Extinguisher – Make sure your fire extinguisher works for the fall and winter seasons, since decorations and holiday baking increase your chances for a fire. Other fire hazards you can experience in the fall are dried and dying leaves and trees, and electric and lighted decorations. Check your fire extinguisher, and while you’re at it, make sure your smoke detectors are working as well. Increased fire hazards should be taken seriously.

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