There are a million ways to make your house feel like a home; most of them include filling it with furniture, painting the walls, and adding personalized touches that make it feel like it’s yours. While dressing up your house is a great way to feel like you’re home, it can be extremely expensive and can take a bit longer than you’d like. Here are a couple ways to start making your house feel like a home, without breaking the bank:

Candles -Candles are one of the best ways to set a mood, whether it be calming, romantic or therapeutic. Candles can add a pop of color, a fun fragrance and a fun dynamic to your lighting scheme.

Hit the Kitchen – For most people, some of the best memories of growing up were in the kitchen; maybe your mom was making her world famous chocolate chip cookies, or dad was glazing a Christmas ham. The kitchen is considered the “hub” of the house, and if you believe that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, you may even call the kitchen the “heart” of the home. Get your kitchen cooking, by finding old family recipes or trying to create your own. Nothing is better than walking into your home and being reminded of holiday chex mix, or Saturday morning breakfast.

Second Hand Items – Furnishing a home can be much more expensive that you’d expect, so taking in a few second hand items can help to fill the void. Whether it may be a dresser from your aunt, or an office chair from an old roommate or a welcome gift from your Berkeley Real Estate Agent, if friends and family are willing to lend or give you furniture, take it until you can furnish it yourself.

Music – Another completely free way to make your house a home is to add a little music. Music can set a mood; whether you want your guests to feel at ease as soon as they walk in the door, or you want to be known for having the best parties on the block, music can help set the tone for your new place.

Fragrances – If you’re not a fan of candles, you can find fun fragrances for around the home. There are plenty of designer air fresheners; some that are a fun, some that alternate fragrances, and some that even spray themselves. If you’re not a fan of chemical fragrances, you can always opt for oils, potpourris’, and perfumes.

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