Finding your dream home can be one of the most exciting, and frustrating processes you’ll ever experience. They say to never get too attached, and never picture yourself in a home, but real estate is not just a piece of land with four walls and a roof, it’s a home. Searching for your dream home can take weeks, months or even years. Some house hunters know they are extremely picky or have no clue what they want in a home, whereas others may be easier to please. Some people will opt for a Real Estate Agent to show them around, and others want to look on their own. Here are some of the issues to may run into when looking for a home:

Dealing with Listing Agents – If you’re looking for homes on your own to avoid paying a Real Estate Agent the commission, then you’re going to have to narrow your search to “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) properties, or properties where the Listing Agent is willing to let you negotiate saving your half of the commission. The way real estate commissions work is that the Seller actually pays a pre-agreed upon percentage to their Listing Agent—usually 6 or 7 percent—and the Listing Agent then splits their commission with a Buyer’s Agent. This means that house hunting without an Agent really isn’t saving you any money at all, unless you know this and can negotiate with the Listing Agent. Now, some people enjoy the thrill of the negotiation process, but if you don’t, you need to understand that you’re dealing with someone who negotiates for a living. Baker Real Estate Agents know just about everything when it comes to real estate, and they may make you a deal that seems attractive, however without hiring your own Agent looking out for your best interest, you may be agreeing to terms you don’t fully understand.

Dealing with Sellers – If you’re looking solely at FSBO’s to avoid negotiating with a Listing Agent, you’ll have to deal with the sellers yourself. In real estate, many Agents will avoid showing FSBO properties, unless the homeowners advertise them as broker-friendly, meaning that they would pay a Buyer’s Agent their share for bringing a qualified buyer. If you’re without an Agent and looking at a “non-broker-friendly” property, you have some leverage, since most Real Estate Agents will be steering clear of showing their buyers this home. This puts you in a good position, since you’re only competing with other Agent-less buyers.

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