Paper Map – We know that you’ve taken our advice and bought yourself a shiny new GPS. They’re great! Real estate agents, limo drivers and delivery people thank the day that the GPS was invented. While your GPS will absolutely save you from a few tight situations, they are a machine, and if we know anything about machines, we should know that they can fail us. Now we’re not saying that your GPS is bound to give up on you just as you get to your desired area of town; but it’s definitely happened before. Having a paper map on hand can become a huge lifesaver, and can show your client that you’re prepared and ready to find them their dream home!

Camera – Bringing a camera may sound like a ridiculous idea, but you never know when it can come handy. A camera may be a great tool for capturing beautiful detailing on a home, or maybe even a potential inspection issue.

Notebook and pen – Sometimes having the MLS sheets printed off, or having real-time pictures from the showing just aren’t enough. One of the best tools any Aurora real estate agent can have is a pad of paper and a pen. This is the time for you to take notes of what your client is liking and disliking about the properties you are currently showing. A pad of paper and a pen is also one of the cheapest tools you can buy, and when you know the perfect way to normal down future prospective houses, you’ll know it’s not even worth showing.

Umbrella – Real estate agents go through almost everything to be able to sell property; that’s right, through rain or shine, and thick or thin, a real estate agent will sacrifice their Saturdays to show you your dream home. One of the easiest tools to bring is your umbrella, since it’s easy to carry, can fit in your dashboard quite nicely and can save your clients from a messy walk into the home.

Flash light – Like we mentioned in the previous article, it’s easy to become a target for crime as a real estate agent. While we always recommend seeing a property during the day, some situations just don’t work out that way. Bringing a flash light is great in the event that the home lost power, or that it’s an REO property that isn’t being taken care of.

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