Any good business person knows that it’s important to have the right tools to succeed. Since real estate agents are essentially business owners, who sell their impressive sales and negotiating skills, they need to know exactly how to keep their clients happy in order to continue doing business. Like we’ve said before, real estate agents are independent contractors, which means they operate as a small business; paying their marketing expenses, membership dues and MLS fees before making a single penny from commissions. While real estate can be frustrating to get into, it can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding career. Many real estate agents, however, will try to cut corners on the upfront expenses, thinking they can make do with the tools they have until they start seeing some commission checks roll in. A real estate agent may be saving themselves a few hundred dollars in the short-run, but having the right tools not only set you up for success, but they can make your first few months as an Agent much easier. Here are a couple tools we suggest:

GPS – The hard truth of Berkeley real estate is that sometimes you will feel like a glorified taxi driver. Buyer’s Agents will often show their clients over twenty homes before they even attempt to make a decision. Any experienced Realtor can tell you that a $90-120 investment in a GPS is more than worth the money. A GPS not only shows that you’re an experienced Realtor, but it also shows your client that you don’t want to waste their time—or yours—on unnecessary tasks—such as getting lost.

Colored Printer – Printing up-to-date, colored MLS Sheets for your clients is a must. It’s incredibly easy for a day full of showings to start feeling like a blur to your client. They may start confusing the properties, or worse, completely forget some of them—meaning you’ll need to reshow them. Simply printing off colored MLS sheets with all the home’s information, as well as pictures, can be one of the biggest time savers you’ll ever use.

Car charger – A car charger goes without saying, but some Agents feel like they’d never allow their phone to get so low on battery. A car charger can be a great tool, since you never know when you may run out of battery, or you may be driving a client around who needs the exact same charger.
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