We’ve written about how to be a great real estate agent, how to pick your perfect broker and why people are attracted to the field of real estate. One topic we’ve yet to cover, and quite an important one, is how real estate agents keep safe in such a crazy, and often times, unregulated industry. If you’ve read our blog about how real estate agents make their money, you already know that they are independent contractors; meaning they may have their license under a broker, but they will have control over their day-to- day activities and duties. This could mean driving out to homes in less than safe neighborhoods, out on county roads and sometimes in nearly abandoned parts of town. Since Agents often do their running around by themselves, they can become an easy target for crime. Here are a couple tips on staying safe as a real estate agent:

Drive Separately – One of the biggest parts of a Real Estate Agent’s job is showing houses; either their own listings or showing to their buyers. If you’re meeting with a new buyer and have yet to get comfortable, it’s a great idea to ask them to drive separately for the first couple times. If you need to make excuses, such as running cramped on time from a meeting or another showing, it’s still better than getting into a car with someone you aren’t completely comfortable with.

Bring a Partner – If your client insists that you drive them to the showings, bring a partner or associate that works in your office. If you can’t find anyone willing to help, ask your broker to help; it’s in your broker’s interests to keep the client happy, and they should be able to help you, or find someone else that can.

Lock Yourself InDenver Real Estate Agents go to a lot of homes, either with their clients or to preview the properties. Often times they can end up alone in an unfamiliar neighborhood. This is especially the case for REO realtors that are working with foreclosed homes that are vacant and could be housing squatters, gang members or other undesirable guests. It is always extremely important to make your first trip to these houses in the light of day, and to knock before entering. If possible, never go to an abandoned house alone. Once you’re in the home and are sure you’re the only one there, make sure to lock the door behind you, since many agents leave the front door wide open; leaving them equally open to an attack or act of vandalism.

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