Open Houses are a good way to alert your neighborhood and community that your home is for sale. While statistics have shown that only about 1% of homes sell to a buyer brought in by an Open House, they are still a great way to market your property. While the traditional Open House may be a bit stiff, there are quite a few ways you can host a fun and different party to show off your home. Here are just a few:

FSBO House Tour – If there are a few homes for sale in your neighborhood, you can coordinate a house tour. You don’t need to rent a bus or do anything extravagant, but you can have a tentative schedule for which house will be open. Many homeowners may think it may be odd to group up with their competition to show off their houses, but in reality it can save you a lot of time, and you can capture friends and family from neighbor’s Open Houses that you wouldn’t imagine. You’re basically pooling your resources, and eliminating the need for multiple showings.

Potluck – Traditional Open Houses may have a cheese platter or cookies and lemonade to keep a prospect in the house as long as possible, but have you ever considered turning your Open House into a party? You will need to be careful to not intimidate potential buyers, but what a better way for a buyer to learn about the neighborhood than to meet your friendly neighbors themselves? One way to keep a balance between Open House and party is to stay by the door and make sure to welcome each prospective buyer. Place signs and balloons outside so they know they are welcome, and not that they’re crashing a party. Lastly, make sure to welcome them to take a plate of food or to mingle with their potential new neighbors.

Broker’s Open – If you’re selling your home without the help of a Berkeley Real Estate Agent, you’re at a big disadvantage. Many brokers will avoid showing their clients a home listed as “For Sale by Owner” since they’ll lose the commission they’ve worked so hard for. One great way to get brokers interested in your property is to hold a Broker’s Open, where you invite them into your home and let them know that you’d be willing to offer a Buyer’s Agent their share of a commission.

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