Selling your home in a buyer’s market can be a bit frustrating. Many buyers are shopping around, watching prices continuously fall, so they see no rush in locking down a home. As sellers become more desperate, many of them start to wonder what an investor could offer them. While it’s always best to shop around, there are many specific situations that investors are looking for, since they are looking to buy homes anywhere from 50-75% of fair market value. You may want to consider calling some “We Buy Houses” ads, however, if you’ve found yourself in one of these situations:

You Inherited a home out of town – One of the most stressful times in a family’s life is losing a loved one. While the pain and mourning has only begun, you’re often times hurled into a sea of unfinished projects, unsettled finances and a new and unexpected mortgage to pay. Often times, families can’t take on a new mortgage and need to sell the home quickly to avoid missing payments or even going into foreclosure. Often times, desperate sellers are willing to take thousands less than a home is worth for the simple peace of mind of having it sold and no longer their responsibility.

The home has fallen into disrepair – A home can fall into disrepair for a number of reasons; the homeowner can fall ill, there can be a few large, unplanned expenses that pile up, or the home could have been a rental with destructive tenants. For whatever reason, if your home is in such rough shape that your Real estate agent can’t pay a buyer to come through for a showing, you may need to look at other options. Before looking at investors, make sure your agent is marketing your property at an extremely fair price, and that you’d be willing to offer some buyer incentives for investing their sweat equity. It may seem like you’re cutting them a deal, but an investor will want to offer you much less than any owner occupier you can find.

You’re willing to sell; at any cost – It’s important to know that people sell to investors when they’ve run out of options; they may be desperate or facing some unfortunate circumstances, and feel that a quick closing and cash offer are worth more than selling at a fair price. If you can, try listing the property for at least six months and make sure your Agent is making price reductions every 45 days. Some homeowners realize they’ve just listed with the wrong broker, which may also be the case. The reasons it’s best to sell through experienced Denver real estate agents is because you are providing yourself with representation, an expert in the field. Unfortunately many investors are getting rich in this market off of less than ethical tactics, which can leave you at risk. Talk to a trusted real estate professional before considering selling to an investor, it may just save you thousands.

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