While one of the smartest moves you can make for yourself is listing your home with a licensed real estate agent, if you plan on selling on your own, there are a few negotiating tactics you should use:

Silence is Golden – When negotiating, it’s better to say less. Think of playing poker, you can’t give away too much with your facial expressions or demeanor, or else you can easily lose your position. The same is true in buying or selling a home. Although it may be one of the most difficult negotiating tactics, keeping your mouth shut can save you thousands. It’s natural in a negotiation to want to keep the conversation going, since a lull or pause can seem like the deal is dead. If you’re feeling uncomfortable by the silence, however, the other negotiator is likely feeling awkward as well. What will inevitably happen is that one party will eventually break and make a concession. While negotiating, make a point to pause at least ten seconds after an offer has been made. The other negotiator will assume you’re dissatisfied and will likely revise their offer without you saying a word.

Know the Situation – Knowledge is power when it comes to negotiating, in almost any situation, but Cherry Creek homes for sale especially. Since real estate has so many factors and it can be difficult to find specific kind of buyers or tenants, or even the house of your dreams, it’s important to educate yourself on the situation completely. For instance, if you know a seller needs to be out of their house as soon as possible, you make sure to close in under a month, no matter what. If it’s a tenant whose credit score has been badly bruised, but are in need of a place immediately, use this information to get the highest security deposit possible. And when it comes to buyers, always pay attention to their motivation level, especially in this buyer’s market. Most buyers know that they hold the power, unless they’ve found something they truly can’t walk away from. Don’t always assume the negotiation is about money. Buyers tend to think that a seller wants the most money possible from a sale; which may be the case for some. This is why the listing agent will call for the “highest and best” offer, meaning the fewer contingencies and possible issues with closing will also factor into the seller’s decision.

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