Buying a home is an exciting, but extensive learning process. Many buyers are great to work with; they just need some guidance. Like most things in life though, sometimes people can be unrealistic, difficult and downright rude. When you think about your real estate agent, you should want a mutually beneficial relationship. Yes, they are getting paid, and yes you are the client, but a real estate agent can also walk away at any point in your business relationship. Here are a couple general rules to keep the peace between you and your agent:

Be ready to buy – Agents generally work 100% off of commission. That means that they are literally paying their bills with commissions from weeks or even months ago. This does not, by any means, mean that you need to feel rushed or pushed into buying the first home you see, but if you aren’t completely ready to buy, then it’s not time to start looking quite yet. If you’re interested in seeing what’s out there, browse listings online, visit Open Houses and ask an agent to maybe show you around for a day or two. Just make sure you’re honest about your intentions, so they understand not to reschedule their workday or invest hours of time into finding you a “perfect house.” Let them know you’re planning to look more closely in the next few months, and let them try to impress you with their inventory.

Be Honest with Yourself and Your Agent – Some agents may be a bit more pushy than others, since real estate is a very sales-oriented career. While younger buyers may have more of a problem speaking up, it’s important to be honest with your agent about your feelings and your intentions. If you are buying with a significant other, you may tell your agent that you’ll need at least one day to talk things over, no matter what. Sometimes agents can push their timeline on their clients, which can put a buyer in a pressure situation. Other times, your agent may not be pushy enough, and you may lose your perfect home because they didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. You set the pace for your search, if you’re decisive, let your Aurora Real Estate Agent know. If you want a little help making your decision, let them know that as well. Most agents are not pushy and will help you weigh out the negative and positive. They want you to love your home and be satisfied with your decision for a very long time.

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