Buying a home out of town can be a bit complicated. Whether you’re buying an investment or a home for relocating, buying outside of your current city can add more stress and chaos to any situation. While it’s not as ideal as buying within your current city, if you plan ahead, buying out of town can be much easier than you’d expect.

Find your Agent – One of the most crucial steps in buying a home out of town is finding a dependable and dedicated Real Estate Agent. This Agent will need to be your liaison in all things real estate. You should call around to different brokers and ask if they have an Agent who they’d consider to be a “relocation specialist” since some Agents specialize more in out of town sales than others do.

Once you’ve found a few potential Agents, get them on the phone or e-mail them some questions about the area. What neighborhoods would they recommend? How accommodating can they be with their schedules? And have they ever worked with an out of town buyer? Try to pay attention to small “red flags” early on, like a two or three day delay in hearing back from them, or scheduling issues you could run into. When you’re buying from out of town, a short hour or two delay can set back drastically, so find a punctual and available Agent.

Investing vs. Buying Buying a home to live in is quite different from buying an investment property. If you’re looking for an investment property, you will want an Agent who specializes in REOs and investment properties. These properties may not always be up for showings as frequently or conveniently as regular residential properties, but if you work with a skilled Agent, you can buy a home without ever seeing it, or arrive in town for the final walk through and closing, if you wish.

Experienced investing Denver real estate agents will work better with the numbers, since your potential profit is the most important factor in whether the property is right for you or not. They can figure out your repairs, operating costs, potential rent and even find a property management company for you. You can ask for pictures and reports to help make your decision, and then come into town for the final look. While it’s typically advised to stay in your own neighborhood on your first few investment properties, advanced investors have been able to successfully profit off of the booming estate markets in other areas of the country.

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