The real estate industry is primarily looked at in two ways: buying and selling property is essentially a sales job, and more importantly, it’s a people business. Every good Real Estate Agent knows just how important their clients are, and should be willing to do whatever they can to keep you satisfied. While you are technically their client, it’s important to have respect and loyalty on both sides of the relationship to ensure its success.

Set your Expectations High – You deserve a friendly, dedicated Real Estate Agent that makes you feel completely comfortable with the process. Know what you’re looking for in a Real Estate Agent; is experience important to you, or would you rather work with a younger, “hungrier” Agent?

Know What You Want – Real Estate Agents are great with helping narrow down your options, but one way to frustrate your Agent is to have no clue what you’re looking for in a home. Pick three or four neighborhoods to focus on, and try to figure out a price range you feel completely comfortable with. Some buyers will give a $100,000 price range, which offers quite a range of homes. If you can start to narrow down your criteria as you see more homes, your Agent won’t start feeling hopeless on finding you your dream home.

Communication – Communication is key in any relationship. While many Agents have had plenty of clients before you, your wants and needs are unique. Make sure you are open with your Agent, if you’re feeling let down by their performance. Tell them what you need from them and how they can take care of you as a client.

Gratitude – Yes, your Agent is working for a commission; so many clients feel they pay their dues at closing time. If you’ve enjoyed working with your Baker Real Estate Agent, thank them with your future business. They understand you may not be looking for a new home for a very long time, but let them know that when you do, you’ll be contacting them first.

Referrals – Referrals are one of the best ways to show your thanks. If you had a truly enjoyable experience, make sure to let your friends and family know. Ask your Agent if they have extra business cards or promotional material that you can pass around to your new neighborhood. Agents work their hardest to keep you happy, and one of their best sources of clients is through referrals. If you feel they did a great job, help them out with some referrals.

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