Buying a home is always a fun and exciting experience, whether it’s your first home or your fifth. By your fifth home, however, you will have figured out the process and will hopefully feel confident with your relationship with your Buyer’s Agent. On your first home, you may have a bit more bumps along the way. Finding a dependable and reputable Buyer’s Agent is one of the most important steps in finding your perfect home.

A Buyer’s Agent can help make your house hunt go smoothly; coordinating showings and even escorting you to each home if you’d like. Not only do they make the search a breeze, they can help you out with the loan qualification process, any issues with your inspection and most importantly; negotiating the best price for you. Many people overlook the importance of finding a great Buyer’s Agent, so here are a few tips on qualifying your agent:

Referrals – Many times you will know a Real Estate Agent through a friend or family member. While referrals can be a great source for finding your Agent, make sure to get a good idea of their career. Ask how long they’ve been in the field, how many Buyers they’ve worked with and see if they are able to answer all of your initial Real Estate questions. Most good Agents will have written recommendations or reviews from former clients, and would be happy to provide them for you.

Interview – If you have no connections to a Real Estate Agent or are dissatisfied with your options, call a local broker and ask if you can meet with them. Brokers are a good source for finding Agents, since they are typically less biased and know their Agent’s personalities well. Know what you want in an Agent; their personality, their sales style and their availability, and ask for it.

Trial Run – Agents work on commission only, and some will want you to commit. Be clear and honest with Agents as you make your decision, let them know you would like a trial run. Any good Agent should be willing to give you one full day of showings of Denver real estate for sale and be willing to impress you. Look for red flags, if the Agent is trying to push too hard or doesn’t seem to be picking up on your wish list, let them know they may not be the right Agent for you.

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