As a first-time home buyer, finding your first home can be one of the most exciting and frightening times of your life. You’ve saved up for a down payment, possibly cleaned up your credit score and are now finally ready to put your money into an investment instead of throwing it away on rent every month. First time buyers tend to get anxious, however, and start thinking of their perfect home before thinking about their perfect neighborhood.

Finding the perfect neighborhood is the first step, since your price range may buy you a lot more or a lot less than you expect. Your neighborhood, however, will dictate your entire lifestyle; are you in a “walkable” part of town? Will you have attractions and events close? Would you rather have the quiet atmosphere of the suburbs? These are all important first questions to ask yourself.

Once you’ve become pre-qualified for a home loan, you should be ready to call your Agent and start seriously looking at homes. Here are some of the most important things to look for, when deciding what neighborhood you’d like to live in:

“Walkability” – If you’re looking for a lively downtown area, you can check your neighborhood’s “walkability” score. Websites have started rating neighborhoods based on their proximity to dining and entertainment, which can help make your decision easy.

Commute to work – Another big factor in deciding to live is your commute to work. While many families want the “bang for their buck,” and would rather live in the suburbs, sometimes home values are reduced because they are extremely far from the city. Your commute affects your daily life, and should definitely be a factor in your decision.

Crime Rate – One of the biggest differences between buying and renting is that you can get the real scoop on the kind of neighborhood you’re buying into. Due to Fair Housing restrictions, apartment complexes are not able to guarantee or ensure you of safety measures. When you buy, however, you can get a good idea of the crime statistics by researching local websites, asking neighbors and asking your real estate agent.

School District – Whether you have children, are planning on them, or have no intention, your school district should always be a factor in your decision. Good school districts attract more buyers and will therefore be easier to sell when it comes time. If you do have children, you may want to tour the schools and talk to teachers and principals to get a feel for the kinds of education available. To learn more about neighborhoods and Denver Colorado homes for sale, visit us at PorchLight Real Estate.

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