Buying and selling real estate can be a stressful process; you are constantly being bombarded with advice and opinions from friends, family and neighbors. If you’ve hired a real estate agent to help you with the process, you’re probably expecting them to take the burden of buying or selling off your shoulders. While many real estate agents work very hard for their commissions, there are a few that can actually add more stress to your life. There are a couple ways to handle a dispute with a real estate agent:

Contact your Agent – Some agents are extremely busy and could have let one phone call or e-mail through the cracks. Give them another phone call or e-mail asking if they had received your last attempt to contact them. Many times voicemails and e-mails can get lost in the shuffle, and your agent may be apologetic and more attentive in the future. After two or three attempts, however, it’s time to move up the ladder.

Contact their Broker – Many people don’t realize how the real estate business is run—your agent is an independent contractor—meaning they are not an employee and their broker doesn’t have much of a say over how they operate their business. Most brokers, will, however, steer their agents in the right direction, and encourage them to uphold the company’s reputation. If the broker is unsure of your agents whereabouts, make sure to leave a message requesting a call back within a day or two. You are still the customer, and no agent should make you wait more than a few days.

Keep Climbing the Ladder – If your agent’s broker is no longer assisting you, it’s time to move up another step. Many large brokerages have multiple offices and a regional manager. Small brokerages may just have an owner or corporate office to deal with directly. Contact the individual with the most authority and let them know how disappointed you are in their service. Like always, you catch more bees with honey than vinegar, so if you can remain calm, they may have a solution for you, or may be able to offer you a different agent.

File a Complaint – This is usually the last resort, but you can file a complaint through your state’s licensing board. If your agent is a Realtor, you can also file a complaint with the local board of Realtors. Most state licensing and board of Realtors websites will have step by step instructions on how to file a complaint.

Hopefully you will never have to resort to filing a complaint. One of the most important things to do while trying to contact your agent is to look for a better, more qualified agent in the meantime. If you are under a listing agreement contract, you will have to be a bit patient, but interview other agents and tell them exactly what you expect of them. Now that you’ve seen how an unprofessional agent works, you can better qualify your next representative. For more information on qualifying and interviewing a Aurora real estate agent, please contact PorchLight Real Estate.

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