Spring is here and we’re all ready for the beautiful weather, blossoming flowers, and of course—baseball season! Lucky for us Coloradoans, we have Coors Field and The Rockies to keep us entertained all season long. To prepare for the season, we wanted to share some fun facts about our great stadium:

Coors Field was named for the Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado, who purchased the naming rights in 1995. The Rockies played their first two seasons in the Mile High Stadium while Coors Field was being finished.

The park has 4,526 club seats and over 60 luxury suites. Most of the seats in Coors Field are dark green, with the 20th row being purple to mark the one mile elevation point. The original plans for the field were to have 43,000 regular seats, but the team attracted over three million fans during their first season and decided to enlarge the plans to seat 50,000.
Coors operates The Blue Moon Brewery at The Sandlot, which is where the Belgian-Style Wheat “Blue Moon” was invented.

After the Rockies win a game, or hit a home run fountains shoot into the air.

Coors Field is known for being a home run machine, and the designers speculated from the beginning that because of the low air density, the ball would travel much farther than other parks. For this reason, the outfield fences are placed much farther from home plate, which makes Coors Field one of the largest outfields in baseball. The large outfield is more difficult to cover, which results in more doubles and triples as well.

The curveball is also known to curve less with the thin air, leading to fewer strikeouts, and more typically more stress for the pitchers.

Baseballs stored in drier air are harder, so The Rockies began using a room-sized humidor, which has drastically decreased the number of home runs at Coors Field. Elevation and the thin air still has an effect on how far the baseball will travel.

Tours are available Monday through Saturday during the season for any visitors or locals. There are also offseason tours that give a peek of the behind-the-scenes.

So it’s time to pull out the Rockies gear and a baseball glove and get yourself down to Coors Field for an ice cold Blue Moon. It’s officially baseball season! For more information on Denver events or to check out Denver Colorado homes for sale, visit us at PorchLight Realty.

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