It’s time to finally buy your new home! While you may have already gone through the frustrations of pushing back your closing date, your closing day now finally feels within reach. So, what exactly, should you expect when you close on your house?

The closing table will likely be one of the first and only times you may meet your seller. In most cases, the closing is scheduled to accommodate both parties, but if that’s not possible, a buyer and seller may sign the closing paperwork at different times. If both parties are present, you can expect yourself, your real estate agent and your attorney or title agent to be present. In some cases, your mortgage broker may want to stop by or be there for you, but generally it will be your team and your seller’s team on either side of the table.

The paperwork should only take about an hour to complete, and your title agent should be able to summarize what each page is for. If you have any questions about the paperwork, by all means, ask your real estate agent or closing attorney. You should feel 100% confident in your purchase. Title companies have been known to make mistakes, so if something feels off, make sure to point it out. If there are any errors in the paperwork, you may stay a bit over an hour, but it’s best to get everything resolved before signing.

What will you need to bring to the closing table? You will need your copy of your new homeowner’s insurance policy, which shows your lender that you have, in fact, insured the house. The seller should be advised to keep his current homeowners policy activated until the buyer has legally taken possession of the property, or when it is officially recorded in city hall, which is usually within 24 hours of the sale.

Your Baker real estate agent will help guide you through these steps, but you will also need to bring a cashier’s check for the amount of the purchase you are responsible for. Your title or closing agent should have let you know, in advance, how much the cashier’s check should be for, and your settlement sheet will outline where each penny is being spent. Again, if there are any discrepancies on the paperwork, make sure to point them out as you review. Once the paperwork is signed and you’ve handed over your portion of funds, you can legally take possession of your new home. You will be handed the keys and congratulations! You now own a new home!

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