Decorating your home can be a fun way to give it personality and life. Many times, however, people can get caught up in their everyday lives and their perfectly updated 1999 home no longer looks fresh in 2012. It’s happened to the best of us, and decorating can be overwhelming. While redecorating your home for your own family’s needs may not be necessary, if you’re planning on moving in the next year, you will want your home to have a new and fresh look. Here are some easy tips on how to redecorate without spending a fortune:

Paint – When decorating your home, one of the most dramatic changes you can make for a small amount of money is your home’s paint colors. Painting could take you a week or even a month to finish, but the end result is always worth it. Dark, bright or odd wall colors can scare buyers off, so going with a lighter, more neutral color is always safe.

Refurbish your Furniture – Furniture is a large expense, and can take years to fully redo your entire home. Instead of putting more money into buying new, you can always refurbish your older home pieces. Many times, wood just needs a fresh coat of paint or stain, and the real change is the fabric. Reupholstering dining room chairs, couches and headboards can make a dramatic difference in your home. If your furniture is obviously outdated or no longer matches your tastes, you can always go to yard sales or consignment shops to look for slightly used furniture. The great thing about refurbishing your furniture, is that it can be pre-used and in less than new condition. The end result will look great and you can really save some money.

Easy-off Wallpaper – Wallpaper used to be a big hit with homeowners, offering some pattern and excitement to your walls. Nowadays, just the word ‘wallpaper’ can make someone cringe. Old wallpaper is a pain to install and even more so to remove, but now you have options! That’s right, there is now a removable wallpaper, that won’t hurt your walls or take hours of frustration scraping it off. Wallpaper is coming back, and many people like to add an accent wall of a simple design to help dress up a room.

Refinish your Floors – Refinishing your floors can be a major expense, but, like paint, offers a dramatic change. Sometimes you can simply sand down and re-seal older hardwood floors, or look into hardwood vinyl options or tile if your flooring is outdated. To cut costs, start with the rooms that need it most. Sometimes you can make a huge difference by updating the worst rooms, and help make your home feel like one house again.

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