Moving to a new neighborhood can be both exciting and overwhelming. Not only are you leaving a life behind, but you suddenly have brand new neighbors, in sometimes a new neighborhood, city, or even state! Being new to the neighborhood can be great in an active community; neighbors may bring you pies or welcome letters. No matter how active your community is, follow these move-in tips to really feel at home.

Introduce your Family – Many times, when a family is new to a neighborhood, they’ll wait for neighbors to come to them. It may be because they’re unpacking and finishing up the moving process, or because that’s what they’ve become accustomed to. Take the first step and introduce yourself. You can start with just the neighbor directly to your right and left. If you start on moving day, you can quickly shake hands and apologize for the rush. Your neighbors will understand that you’re busy, but will also know you’re interested in meeting them.

Have a Housewarming Party – Housewarming parties are a great ice breaker for new families. Not only can you invite your friends and family, but you can invite the whole neighborhood! This is a great time to show your neighbors that they are welcome in your life. Make sure to pass out invitations or post a note on a community board, so you can meet as many people as possible. From there you can find out community events and even set plans for getting together with your neighbors at a later date.

Get Phone Numbers – Phone numbers are very important in a tight-knit community. Try to at least get the phone number of your neighbors on each side. One of the best parts about a neighborhood is that people tend to look out for each other. If it seems that someone has been lurking around your home, or if there have been strange occurrences, your neighbors will likely update you. Make sure you have the HOA and neighborhood watch’s contact information, if your community has either.

Personalize – One of the best ways to show you’re a welcoming family is to personalize your new home. Many people invest so many hours of decorating the interior of their home, that they forget the neighbors may only see it from the curb. Place a welcome mat or a wreath outside of your door to show that your new house is now a home.

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