It’s always a tragedy when a home gets destroyed from an accident. Sometimes it’s a natural disaster, and other times it’s a careless owner, but an unsafe home can claim lives. A house isn’t a naturally safe place, so take these steps to ensure your family’s safety:

Have emergency numbers ready, especially if you plan on using a babysitter or family member to take care of your children.

Know where your circuit box is located in your home and make sure it’s accurately labeled.

Know where all your smoke alarms are, and make sure they work by testing the batteries.

Have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and one for the backyard if you enjoy grilling or hosting bonfires.

Know how to shut off your water in case of a leak or break in your pipes.

Keep stairs and hallways cleared from clutter, in case your family needs to evacuate at night.

If you have young children, make sure to baby-proof your home. This requires covering any unused electrical outlets, throwing away any frayed or exposed wiring, cushioning any sharp corners on furniture. Baby proofing also requires you to keep medicines, cleaning supplies and chemicals out of reach of your child. Baby gates and child safe locks on cabinets are also important. Baby-proofing requires you to look at even the smallest items in your house; anything a child could swallow or choke on needs to be put away. Plastic bags can always be dangerous for your child and present a suffocation hazard. Never let your child go unsupervised, especially in a home that hasn’t been baby-proofed.

Create an escape plan for your family, in case of emergency. Know of at least two ways out of the home and make sure your children understand how to get out through their bedroom windows. Pick a meeting place, so you will know if they got out safely in case of a fire.

Know where to shut off your gas and always trust your instincts if you think there may be a leak.

Secure your throw rugs to the ground, so your guests don’t slip.

Always keep your water heater below 120 degrees.

Keep all candles away from drapery and blankets.

Pull any window coverings away from the stove.

Always keep firearms unloaded and locked away.

Make sure window screens are extremely secure.

Always err on the side of safety when protecting your new home. Buying a new home can be an exciting adventure for young homeowner hopefuls. Fore more information on homes for sale in Denver CO, please contact an experienced PorchLight Real Estate Professional.

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