Being the newest neighbor in a big community can feel overwhelming for many people. Sometimes they’re new to the area or even moved from out of state. Welcoming new neighbors is one of the best ways to make a community member feel at home.

Welcome Mat – One great idea to make your newest neighbor feel welcomed is by buying them a fresh welcome mat. You can match their style or even go for a custom mat with their last names, whatever you decide, they will surely feel welcome.

Compile Local Menus – We all have our favorite local restaurants that took us months to find and fall in love with. Help your new neighbor out by sharing menus or picking up to-go menus next time you’re at one of your favorites. One of the best ways to feel at home is knowing exactly where to get delicious comfort food at a moment’s notice.

Make a Dinner – Moving can be a long and exhausting process. Making your new neighbors a casserole or warm, cooked dinner can be exactly what they need at the end of a crazy day. Having them over for dinner is another great idea, but they may want to get settled before adding dinners and activities to their busy schedule.

Set Up a Play Date – For neighbors with kids, setting up a play date can be one of the best ways to welcome them to the neighborhood. Helping their kids make friends quickly can ease the transition and offering to babysit for the day could allow them the time to get out and explore their new city.

Wine and Cheese Night – Hosting a get-together in your new neighbor’s honor is another great way to not only welcome them to the neighborhood but to introduce all the neighbors at once. While this could be a fun event for younger couples, you should make sure your new neighbors feel comfortable with all the attention, as some people like to stay more private.

Invite them Out – Going out for a night on the town may be exactly what your new neighbors need. Find out what kinds of places they enjoy and find a great local restaurant or tapas bar, show them around downtown or take them to a local museum or art gallery. Showing them fun places around the community will help them feel at home.

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