Selling your home can be a long, drawn out process or a quick and profitable one; the choice is yours. Selling your home is much more than putting up a sign and letting people tour your home, selling involves staging, home improvement, negotiating and tons of paperwork. While a more experienced home seller may forgo using a Listing Agent to help them sell, there are a couple things they must do to ensure a quick sale. One of the most important things a seller must do is up their curb appeal.

Landscaping – Landscaping is one of the most important parts of your home’s curb appeal. An empty yard can intimidate first-time home buyers with no landscaping experience. Another big turn off for buyers is a weeded or overgrown yard. Not only does an unkempt landscape stop a buyer before they walk in the front door, it makes them worry what other things went unmaintained around the house, like the HVAC or water heater.

Exterior – If the paint on the outside of your home is cracking or fading, it may be time for a new coat of paint. Some sellers will offer an allowance for paint to help entice buyers, but many buyers would love to move in without the hassle of painting and small fixes. Another reason to throw a coat of paint on that exterior is to change the whole look and feel of your home. Not only will it be new, but you can change a bright or obnoxiously colored home to a warmer and inviting one.

Driveway – Concrete scares people, very easily, in fact. If the house is in great condition but the driveway is older and cracked, many homeowners assume the worst. Their imagination can run wild with worries of sinkhole or foundation damage, thinking that’s the only way a driveway could be in such rough shape. Even for the more reasonable homebuyers may just not want to deal with concrete or hiring a contractor to fix up their driveway, so they could let an otherwise beautiful home go to waste.

Roof – An older roof is another big scare for new homebuyers. While you could give an allowance for repairing or even replacing a roof, it may be best to have the work done before you put your home on the market. A fresh roof and a coat of paint can make a huge difference to buyers when you’re trying to sell, and anytime you’re in a buyer’s market it’s nice to have an advantage.

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