So you’ve decided to list your house with a local Realtor, you’re on your way to getting your place sold. One of the first things your Agent may ask you, is if they can put a lockbox on your front door for showings. Some homeowners, especially first-time sellers, may be confused or even angered by this. They may think it’s the Listing Agent’s sole responsibility to be available for showings. So what are the benefits of using a lockbox to show your house?

Scheduling – Scheduling showings is one of your Real Estate Agent’s most important jobs. They need to coordinate a time when you can leave the home, when the Buyer’s Agent is available and of course when the buyer is available. If they were planning on showing the house, it would require at least 4 separate schedules to work just to see one house. Unfortunately, in the real estate business, this just isn’t always doable, so your Agent uses a lockbox for the Buyer’s Agent to access your home. If you’d prefer your Listing Agent to be at every showing, you could be turning down interested Buyers, which isn’t good in a Buyer’s market. There are too many great homes for sale right now to lose your advantage in a scheduling conflict.

Privacy – Buyers enjoy their privacy when viewing homes, they want to open closets and measure doorways, they’re looking at your home as both a living space and an investment, so they’ll want to check out every little detail. A lot of Sellers don’t understand this and want to be present for showings. Even if a Seller has the best intentions and wants to be present to answer questions, point out selling features or even offer some home-baked cookies, you can easily scare a Buyer off. Buyers need to see themselves in your home, not feel like you’re hosting them.

Options – The biggest concern for most Sellers is that a lockbox won’t be safe for their family, but there are a few options on how and where you can have the lockbox placed. First, you can opt for an electronic box, which are safer since only licensed Realtors have a key. Electronic lockboxes can even set time restrictions when the box cannot be opened, like between 9pm-7am. You can choose to place the box on the front door, or somewhere more hidden, in the back.

The most important thing to realize with lockboxes is that your Denver real estate agents will know who has had access to them. It’s considered a serious offense to give away lockbox information and most Real Estate Agents wouldn’t jeopardize their career for a quick buck.

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