The Real Estate Market has long been one of the most stable markets in U.S. history—until recently, that is. It was always the American Dream to get an education, have a great job and buy your own home. Since the crash of 2006, however, homeownership has proved to be less ideal, as many homes plummeted in value. Experiencing such a hit would make anyone worried about buying, yet analysts agree: the time to buy is now.

Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates fell to a low of 4.55% this summer, which is near 50-year lows. With interest rates dropping and home values at a low, it makes sense to buy now. Since the interest portion of your mortgage can be the most overwhelming, a low of 5% or below is incredible, especially compared to 15% in the 1980s.

Home Values According to Moody’s Analytics home prices to income ratio is one of the lowest in 15 years and with 15 million vacant homes in the U.S. last year, the market has become competitive for sellers and ideal for buyers. Another prediction for homes is that the distressed market will begin to fall by the year 2013, which will allow homes for sale in Denver Co to move up in value.

Employment Our unemployment problem has affected nearly every market in the U.S., especially the housing market. As people lost their jobs and became unemployed or underemployed, the market became flooded with foreclosures and short sales. Generally banks want to sell these homes quick and are willing to negotiate. On top of homeowners losing their homes, we have the would-be homeowners that can’t afford to move out of their parents’ houses or graduate from college (many for fear of paying back school loans without having a decent job). Luckily, as the recession wears on, many people have learned to adapt and are now able to own again.

Rebounding Economy The economy will rebound again, and is showing signs already. When the economy does bounce back, many people will have saved enough to start a home and family again and there will be a pent-up demand for housing. While the economy has taken a dive, many investors have also flooded the market, buying up secondary or “income” properties, knowing that many hard-working people would have to resort to renting for a few years. With investors taking over the market, and new homeowners ready to find their perfect home, the market will turn around very quickly in 2013. That means the low interest rates and home values will be a thing of the past.

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