It’s time to start winterizing! That’s right winter brings great fun for skiers, snowboarders and children, but for homeowners, carpoolers and commuters it can mean it’s time to get cautious. For homeowners, this comes in the form of winterizing your house. The following tips can help you save on your home become more efficient, save you on heating costs, and possibly prevent some serious damage to your home.

Check your Ductwork You don’t need to be a professional to take a look at your duct at your duct work and know something’s not right. If your ductwork isn’t properly insulated or well-connected you can lose up to 60% of the heated air before it reaches your home. That’s a lot of money wasted. Check for any gaps in connection, pinched pipes, or poorly insulated pieces of ductwork and you can save yourself hundreds on your heating bill alone.

Clean out your Ductwork Did you know that even if your ductwork is properly insulated and connected that you can still have problems? That’s right, you should be vacuuming out your ductwork every few years. Keeping your ductwork clean not only helps your hair flow more freely, but it also keeps out the dust, hair and skin particles that have built up over the years.

Check your Insulation This is especially important for new homeowners, but checking your insulation can make a huge difference in your heating bill this Winter. You should have a minimum of 12 inches of insulation in your attic to create a thick barrier between the melting snow on your roof and the ceiling of your home. While insulation can be expensive, it can pay off within a couple of years in heating and cooling bills alone.

Remember your Windows Winterizing your home should definitely mean checking your windows. While it’s best to have double-paned windows to save on your energy bill, there are a couple tricks to help out with any set of windows. Caulking is a very helpful trick for winterizing your windows. Make sure you caulk around every window if you feel even a small draft, this will help seal out the cold. Another inexpensive trick is a window insulator kit, which essentially shrink wraps your window, adding extra insulation.

Clean your gutters Autumn brings beautiful, bright leaves, but once they fall, they can clog your gutters. Clean out the leaves and make sure water can flow freely through the gutters by using a hose to test them out. If you leave your gutters full, you’re risking a backup of melting snow and ice, which can end up leaking through your roof.

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