So you’re buying a home. It’s exciting, it’s overwhelming, it’s exhilarating, it’s frustrating. With so many emotions and so much to do, it’s vital that you have an experienced Real Estate Agent to help ease the process. Real Estate is like any other industry, there will be amazing, wonderful, helpful Agents and disorganized, rude or pushy ones. Know what you want and what to expect from an Agent to ensure you’re getting the best help possible.

MLS Search Your Agent should have a firm grasp on what you’re looking for. They should ask to write down a list of your “mandatories”—such as a certain neighborhood, square footage, or type of floor plan. Your “mandatories” should be whatever you can’t live without and your Agent should understand your wants. From there, they can set up an MLS search for you that will automatically send you updated information as new Denver real estate for sale comes on to the market.

Pre-screening Sometimes a home can look perfect in a picture. If you have a busy family life and can only visit a few homes a week, ask if your Agent will check some out on their own. It’s generally easier for them to work it into their schedule and if you know you’re picky, then you can save yourself some time. Give your Agent a list and ask if they’ll go look for you, a good Agent will have no problem doing it.

Drive or meet you Most Agents know their market area very well and can find even the trickiest of homes. Your Agent should offer to drive you to each home or to meet you at each showing. Occasionally your schedules may not work out, and the Listing Agent will offer to show you a home, but this shouldn’t happen too often. Make sure your Agent is by your side the majority of the time, since a Listing Agent will have their sellers’ interests in mind.

Communicate Details You should never feel out of the loop when buying your home. Your Agent should be communicating your wants and needs with the Listing Agent and Seller, not their own. Ask them to CC you on e-mails and to be involved in the negotiations. A good Agent will know your absolute maximum offer and your contingencies, but will still work hard to get you the best deal possible. Your Agent should ALWAYS listen to your input and never make you feel uncomfortable or pushed into a situation.

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