Looking for a new home can be an exciting adventure. You can choose your favorite neighborhood, your style of home and even the finishes of your choice. With so many choices and decisions, sometimes homebuying can go from exciting to overwhelming in a matter of days. Not only do you have to worry about finding the home of your dreams, but you have to understand property values and negotiating techniques to buy a home on your own. For many homebuyer hopefuls, it’s much easier to find an experienced Real Estate Agent to help guide them through the process. So what are the advantages to using a Buyer’s Agent?

Experience A licensed Real Estate Agent brings with them the knowledge and understanding of the home buying process. Do you need a home warranty? Should you ever waive your right to inspect? An Agent will be with you every step of the way; explaining the process to you and helping you make the right decisions. When you work with an Agent, you don’t just get their personal expertise, but they also hold their license with a Broker, who can be a wealth of knowledge for you.

Free to the Buyer Most people are quick to assume that a Buyer’s Agent will somehow cost them money. What they don’t know is that a Buyer’s Agent splits the commission with the Listing Agent, who is paid for by the Seller. If a property is listed at a 6% commission then the Listing and Buying Agents will each take 3% commission. If you don’t have a Buyer’s Agent then the Listing Agent will still receive the full 6% commission, they just won’t need to split with another Agent. So in reality, you aren’t saving yourself or even the Seller any money by going without an Agent.

Representation This brings us to another interesting point, if a Buyer’s Agent doesn’t cost you anything, why would you want anyone else representing you? If the home of your dreams is listed with a Real Estate Agent, then you’re going to have to negotiate with someone who works in Real Estate on a daily basis. Unless you’re a smooth talker with a side hobby of following the Real Estate market, you may find yourself overwhelmed working as your own Agent. Having your own Aurora Real Estate Buyer’s Agent helps to level the playing field; you can still be as involved in the process as you’d like, but you have someone to turn to for questions, negotiating and valuing specific properties and neighborhoods.

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